Wednesday, February 6, 2008

PR: Things to think about

Richard Edelman supports Barack Obama. It would be interesting to see how his influence as a well-known communicator will play out in the coming months.

The debate of starting out in PR: to be social media savvy or to be the "exuberant outgoing" albeit traditional resume/handshake/interview
candidate? Ed Lee suggests a balance.

The male/female disparity in PR, discussed by Scott MacDonald in Forward-moving. Apparently, 70% of PR practitioners are female. In my PR class of about 25, there are 2 males. Could it be that females are better communicators and are more suited to PR?

Bob LeDrew
has started an inquiry into the attention that colleges and universities pay to Web 2.0 and theory in educating communicators of the future. Interesting discussion going on.

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