Thursday, February 21, 2008

IDS 08, updates

My reading week (university term for "March break" or "spring break" and is usually scheduled in February for us) will have to be cut short -- but for a very good and exciting reason! I get to volunteer for this year's Interior Design Show as an extension of the Faulhaber PR team. Thursday to Sunday will be full and busy, busy days but I can't wait to be out there -- this is THE design event of the year, with over 200 exhibitors, designers, architects and industry people from around the world, products and design concepts that have never been seen before. I will be working in the media room and the press room door, and will be involved in guest relations. This is exactly the kind of experience I've been hoping for. After the working in the media office of the boat show in January I knew I wanted more of this kind of work.

I'm not sure what I will be doing yet exactly, but the volunteers will be given training at 3 p.m. so we will be all ready for the opening gala at 7 p.m..

The challenge (s) for me? Coming up with four head-to-toe chic professional black outfits. :-) And of course, being polished, professional and informed. I'm more than up for it.

I absolutely cannot wait to see the living spaces that the prestigious concept design teams of Allen Chan, Anwar Mukhayesh and Matt Davis (from HGTV's Designer Guys), Sarah Richardson (Design Inc.), Lynda Reeves (House & Home with Lynda Reeves) and Brian Gluckstein (CityLine) will unveil. Here are the behind the scenes videos:

4 weeks before the show

3 weeks before the show

2 weeks before the show

1 week before the show

Update: I did get mentioned in the school's paper a couple of weeks back! The quote was kind of a compression of all the words that came tumbling out of my mouth when I was interviewed, so it was kind of inaccurate..but still. It's exciting.

I'll be writing next time about the current political situation in the Philippines. My gosh, are we due for another People Power Revolution to oust yet another (allegedly) corrupt president? It's getting tiring for Filipinos I'm sure, and People Power seems to be losing its meaning -- is this like, the tenth?? Maybe not, but sure feels like it. Perhaps the president cannot be blamed for the ZTE broadband scandal, but with the first gentleman being involved, it's not that difficult to trace it to her. I love the fact that Filipinos always take a stand, a peaceful stand, when corruption bells in the president's office start ringing. But this is getting ridiculous.

Will a broadband scandal bring down a president? We'll have to wait and see.

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