Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Razr -- literally a "razer"

I chanced upon this interesting commercial while eating dinner at the lounge and someone had left the television on:

They're ripping each other's clothes off with the "sharper than ever" Razr. Uh, okay.

The commercial can be catchy and/or amusing I suppose, for someone's turned the television on while watching American Idol (btw, how cute is that Ryan Seacrest happened to spot someone last week in the audience with an iPhone then randomly borrows the phone and brandishes it in our noses), but honestly, no one's gonna go out and buy the Razr after seeing this commercial.

This is a media-savvy generation. We're no longer entranced by the glamour and hype ascribed to slick and glossy images we see. TELL us the features, tell us WHY the Razr fulfills some sort of need (real needs please) of ours, and MAYBE we'll think about it. We can see right through these unnecessarily glamourized and sexualized images and know that they have NOTHING to do with the product you're selling.

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