Friday, January 18, 2008

On networking

Anyone in PR would say that networking is vital to a PR career. It's crucial; it's your lifeblood! (Coupled with skills of course.) I haven't established a lot of contacts in the industry yet so you can imagine how much I was looking forward to meeting David Holmes of Holmes Creative Communications today. He was very accommodating and definitely great to talk to ("We are a ____-$ business with 15 people." Whoa.)

Also, a Humber post-grad Journalism student from Humber Etc. actually asked me for a quote and a picture. I might appear in the student paper next week! Lol. There's a slim chance, but I really hope so. The clipping would make a great portfolio piece. It turns out there are quite a number of Humber students at the boat show. David says they mostly hire Humber students too, which is great. We'll see how I fare as a Guelph-Humber student.

This whole boat show stint has been really good for me. It's great being able to have the chance to meet different people from the media (though David says most of them are freeloaders--lol) because a lot of them have so much to say and share about their own experiences: how they started out, what field or industry they work in. I even got to meet the cameraman and the reporter of the Cantonese edition of OMNI News on my first day (fine, I watch news programs in Chinese...I just love OMNI!).

Saturday and Sunday should be huge days, oh my. Those are the last two days of the boat show and all of the big media are coming -- anyone who's anyone in tv, radio, print (and lots from boating industry publications). They promise to be hectic days, but I'm really looking forward to them! I wish I had business cards to give out already, but my phone numbers and address aren't definite yet. I can't decide whether to stay in Toronto for the summer doing volunteer PR work or go home to Orillia and make money working at the casino. Decisions, decisions.

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